With over three decades of experience under her belt, IMG VFX co-founder and VFX Supervisor Sally Goldberg is one of the most experienced and talented VFX professionals in the industry

As in house VFX Supervisor for IMG VFX, Sally works across all their projects, most recently The Third Day for Sky/HBO.

An expert in CG and creature work, Sally has supervised CG on numerous high profile features films, episodic TV series and commercials. Her impressive credit list includes, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Inkheart, Vantage Point, the critically acclaimed Guinness Dreamer commercial, Merlin and Atlantis.

With the perfect mix of creative flair and technical knowledge, Sally decided to use this combination to set up shop on her own in 2008.  Since running her own business Sally has successfully established a network of remote artists to work with on an array of film and tv work, using tools and practices created on each series to develop and expand on for subsequent projects.

Sally has worked at the most respected facilities in London, including, Cinesite, Mill Film and Framestore.  In the mid nineties she became Head of 3D at DFilm in Sydney and was CG Supervisor on Dark City and The Matrix.

VFX Supervisor and co-founder of IMG VFX, Ivor started out  26 years ago so he's had plenty of time to master the art of his craft!

With a career that has taken him both facility and production side, Ivor has a calm and pragmatic disposition as well as an understanding of the inner workings of both client and VFX studio alike.  With an unrivalled eye for detail, Ivor is hugely accomplished and passionate about his work.

Ivor's notable slate includes the Harry Potter franchise, The Golden Compass, Alien vs Predator and World War Z while he held a senior role at Cinesite, as well as Merlin and Atlantis through Vine FX.

Since launching IMG VFX In 2012, Ivor has been both in house and overall VFX Supervisor, working with his cherry-picked crew of remote artists on shows such as War of the Worlds (BBC).

Ivor was overall VFX Supervisor for the recent series The Third Day (Sky/HBO), where he led the VFX working with five vendors as well as with the directors, creatively developing ideas throughout for this ambitious project.

He started working in commercials in the early 90's, before moving to Mill Film where he was a lead VFX artist on Ridley Scott's Oscar winning film, Gladiator.

Established in 2012 by Sally Goldberg and Ivor Middleton, IMG VFX is expert in all aspects of VFX, animation, fx, digital matte painting and compositing, with a high level of expertise in creatures, dynamics and procedural animation.

As well as offering a traditional vendor service, IMG VFX provide VFX Supervision and VFX consultancy for productions from pre-production, on-set and through post-production.   A boutique facility in the true sense, IMG VFX work with a network of experienced artists they know and trust, most of whom work remotely, so are able to crew up as needed with the required specific talent for a project.  This approach allows IMG VFX to operate as a nimble organisation with their core team.  They can crew up easily when needed with artists who work locally with a technically approved hardware and software specification.

Working mainly with Nuke, Houdini and Maya with internal pipelines that allow efficient communication through these tools, they use Shotgun, Google Sheets and Skype for regular connection with their remote crew.  Using a local render farm supplemented by cloud rendering allows IMG VFX to tackle heavy complex scenes and animation.

Sally and Ivor have a stellar list of feature film and episodic TV credits to their names individually, and IMG VFX credits include: War of the Worlds (BBC), Year Million (National Geographic),  The Rack Pack,  Delicious, Strikeback, and The Third Day (Sky/HBO).

Sally Goldberg

Ivor Middleton