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Animation and visual effects for TV and film

Ivor Middleton came on board The Third Day at an early stage to supervise on set for sequences that required VFX. He remained on the project throughout the shoot and all the way through post production, becoming a key member of the team - liaising between the various VFX vendors, the two directors and members of the post and production teams. He was dedicated and very hard working and always approached the work with enthusiasm and good humour. His own company IMG took on a large number of shots for the show, some of which ended up needing a very inventive and creative approach and I was impressed by his team's dedication to getting the results the directors were looking for. The Third Day is a really ambitious project that was looking to break new ground  - in VFX as well as in every other department - and Ivor had a really important role to play in realising that ambition.

Adrian Sturges, Producer "The Third Day"